As we all know dart is a new programming language built by google, and it’s recently becomes popular since google use it for flutter framework to develop native mobile apps using one single code to produce both android and IOS apps,

but dart is not built only for mobile programming, it is maintained by google to replace javascript for the web development and makes web programming more easy with new features,

so why it becomes popular in 2020 and why the number of contributors increase day after day ?

Lets dig into the main concepts of dart :

we have two important things to know the first is the Dart Native compiler and the second the Dart web toolchain

if we want to program features targeting the hardware devices then we should use the Dart Native compiler which compile the dart code into ARM32/64 code targeted on devices like (mobile devices, desktops, servers…)

the dart web toolchain compiles dart code into javascript which runs on browsers

and this is a big advantage for dart when compared to javascript since javascript code it doesn’t get compiled in any case

Lets back to flutter framework how does it work with dart

flutter use dart native compiler for mobile apps and in the other side it uses dart web toolchain for web apps which could be turn into javascript code for browsers.

but why we should learn dart in 2020 more than other programming languages like java, kotlin or javascript ?

and the easy answer is dart is built for everything not only web or mobile, so we may compare dart with python since google has invested a lot to make dart universal and useful for everything in technology we may see dart in other technologies like blockchain artificial intelligence, cloud and more.

if you want to get more about dart you can use the official dart documentation website, there are much tools to help you learn dart you can use the dartpad if you want to practice your knowledge

many posts and tutorials about dart programming are on the way

hope you enjoy the content see you soon!