With flutter we can run much command lines using Dev tools in any IDE which has the flutter sdk tools

we can use many IDE programs like visual studio or android studio but what is important is to have the flutter sdk tools installed on your machine

i come here to show you the 8 top used command lines which help you deal with your apps during development process

> flutter help :

will show you all available flutter command lines with their options you can use and you can learn more ab out them or serach for how to use them

> flutter doctor :

this command lines show you what is missing in your flutter environment , sometimes you may have something missing during installation process so this command line  will tell you what needed to complete your Environment tools installation

> flutter run :

this command line run your app on your default attached device if there is no one connected it will tell you that it doesn’t find any device which can run your app

> flutter emulators :

this command line shows you all existing and installed emulators on your machine so you may pick someone to run your app by running another command line in which you can specify the device id

> flutter emulators –launch <device_id> :

this command line launches your app on your picked device

> flutter devices :

this command line list you all connected devices by name however if there is no active devices then it will show you no connected devices so make sure your devices are connected or plug them in you ll need at least one connected device or emulator to be able to run your app

> flutter pub global activate devtools :

this one installs devtools on your machine or in case already installed it makes latest updates

> flutter pub global run devtools :

this command line launch the local web server to view all available dev tools for your app debugging

it will display an output in the console :

Serving DevTools at

then you can go to your browser to debug your running app