As we all know flutter comes with many helpful tools to help developers debug their apps

one of those tools is the dart analysis if you installed the dart plugin in your IDE you will notice this window

the dart analysis is a helpful tool that performs a static analysis of your dart source code

as we see above the window contains two columns : description and  location so what does means ?

the tool analyse your code and detect syntax issues this could me an error, warning or hint

the location column shows :

the name of the dart package in which the problem arose following with the name file

the line number where the problem arose

As we see in the example

we have a function error which tell us that our code is missing MyApp function

we have two hints :

the first is a syntax mismatch with the current version of dart but this doesn’t mean that we will not able to compile the code

the second shows an unused import of the dart main package

so to recap this post is only to introduce you to the dart analysis debugging tool and you will use it to clean your code with 0% war nings, errors and hints