In this topic we are going to explain main keys of difference between dart and  the famous programming language of javascript,

First we are going to give a brief definition of dart then javascript and finally we will compare flutter and react native  by some technical features and interest by world community

What’s is dart ?

dart is an optimized programming language built to make apps for any platform (desktop, web and mobile), it is introduced and maintained by google to make programming easy with a base of single code to produce cross platform apps using flutter framework

we can consider dart syntax as a mix of famous programming languages like (swift, java and javascript) but with some additions which make it more simple and comprehensive for everyone

if you re familiar with java, kotlin or swift to produce native mobile apps for each single platform then dart comes to solve this issue and makes you achieve all platforms with one single codebase

dart codebase gets compiled into ARM and X64 machine code for mobile devices and gets optimized into javascript code for browsers

dart has the hot reload feature to see your changes instantly in your running apps for your targeted devices

and finally if you are a startup or team specialized in mobile programming dart will save for you much time and money to achieve your goals with the same quality and you will not need a separate team fo building mobile apps anymore

What’s javascript ?

javascript is one of the top technologies or programming languages of the world wide web and it is the standard of the ECMASCRIPT specifications but the architecture and the process to compile the codebase is more complicated than that

but what is important is javascript code gets compiled into a low level code to be interpreted by browsers (IE,mozilla,google chrome…)

javascript code is easy but the only inconvenience is there are much changes made by ECMAScript specifications from old version the recent one ES6 but the core stay as it is

javascript becomes popular because there re much frameworks made for web or mobile development to make the syntax more simple and especially to make web development more easy and fast

but what makes javascript more popular is the top frameworks or libraries we have today to make web apps including  Angular Js, Angular 2+ ,Vue Js, React js

with javascript we can also make mobile apps and thanks to facebook which introduced react js and react native to build one single codebase to make cross platform mobile apps

however as our main topic is talk about mobile app development we will compare javascript using react native vs dart for flutter

below is a quick technical comparison between flutter and react native


and this the spread comparison in the last 5 years

Dart with flutter vs Javascript with react native

So we notice that flutter with dart is on the way to become more popular and the fast growing technology than javascript with react native

to recap if you re new to programming and you want to build cross platform apps then dart/flutter is your friend

if you re already familiar with javascript and react js then react native will be a good fit

but we can learn both of them since dart and javascript have same concepts

Hope you enjoy the content

Stay tune and see you in the next topics!